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    Marmalade butcher 3rd mini Album 『VisioN / NoisiA』
    Japanese HENTAI school girl Music.

    ■-Track List-
    01. VisioN
    02. Cordyceps
    03. Tell Me Good-Bye
    04. Dear Galaxy
    05. Mola mola
    06. </s>
    07. NoisiA


    VisioN / NoisiA XFD by X2N

    発売日 : 2013. 10.27
    会場価格 : ¥1000
    委託価格 : ¥1500(税別)
    C D 媒体 : 4P紙ジャケット仕様プレスCD
    委託販売 : banner.gif zankyorecord_banner.png

    ■All Music by Marmalade butcher(にえぬ @X2N_)
      Ilustration,design by にえぬ(Marmalade butcher)

      Tr.3 Vocal Voice by 町乃 (http://about.me/machino_3po)
      Tr.2 Tr.3 Tr.5 Tr.6 Bass by 大谷明久

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